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It all started with a cherry red 1940s housedress and a love affair with the classic très femme Parisian attire. While on a trip to Paris, I couldn’t help but notice the ease in which Parisian women carried themselves— the “I threw this shirt on in the dark,” artfully-disheveled-bedhead coolness that us non-Parisian women envy, yet admire. I was drawn to this very style that dominates many French women’s wardrobes, a thoughtful collection of sophisticated yet foxy pieces to be worn often and with a natural intention.

I brought home from Paris a vintage silk scarf and a thought, a belief, rather, that chicness can be achieved with truly minimal effort. And that’s where I step in. Hunting at sunrise in the jungle of flea market stands, sifting through second-hand store bins, and arriving with my coffee and market basket in hand as the thrift shop owners unlock their front doors with friendly & familiar grins. It's a lifestyle, and one that I long to fully embrace.

Over the years I've curated a collection of pieces whose "primes" were not meant to be limited to a decade (50s, 60s, etc.), but whose lifespans were meant to be timeless and enjoyed by women, for as long as the garment remains intact and flattering. Retrouvée is that very collection; gems dusted off, ready to be adored and worn again. I've done all the dirty work for you, now all you have to do is live in these pieces and look effortlessly cool. Now get shopping ladies, the vintage awaits. 

All my love,

Tarah Jane